The minimalist movement is gaining steam—from barefoot runners winning marathons to coaches using barefoot techniques to train professional athletes —people are looking at barefoot science with a fresh perspective. As the Leaders in Barefoot Education, EBFA is taking the concept of “barefoot” beyond running and introducing this advanced training concept to

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Founded in 2012 by Dr Emily Splichal, the Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA) has quickly become the global leader in barefoot education as it relates to fitness, athletic performance and injury prevention. EBFA education and Barefoot Training Specialist Certification provides evidence-based programming targeted to fitness professionals, athletic trainers and rehab specialists with a focus on barefoot science and from the ground up training. With our programming in over 28 countries and translated into 9 different languages, EBFA is paving the way in barefoot education. 


It is the mission of EBFA to change the way the health and fitness industry looks at movement and programming from the ground up. Through our evidence-based education in barefoot science, the foot & ankle and gait assessment, EBFA’s programming can benefit every professional who works in fitness, athletic performance and/or rehab. It is the goal of EBFA to bring barefoot science and foot fitness concepts to the forefront of the health & fitness industry - and every client’s programming.