Unlock the power of the human nervous system at the 5th Annual Barefoot Strong Summit - Brain awakening!

At EBFA Global we are dedicated to the integration of sensory science and emotional processing with movement optimization.

At this year’s Summit attendees will experience the science of brain optimization, somatic manifestation of emotions, mind body connections, gut brain axis, fascial fitness and of course barefoot science.




All sensory and emotional processing begins within ourselves. It is our internal balance and interpretation of that balance that is translated through our beliefs, behavior and breathing patterns. Learn from the leaders about the theory of Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing®, fascial science and mind body connections.


Once we connect internally, we need to find balance externally. Our ability to optimize sensory stimulation from our external world allows us to achieve optimal movement patterns. Experience what it truly means to find sensory before motor. Experience hands on neuro training that can be applied to all clients and athletes.


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