brain. breath. barefoot

Each year EBFA's education expands and evolves to further challenge the power of barefoot science and the sensory system. We are dedicating the 4th Annual Barefoot Strong Summit to the interconncetion between Brain. Breath. Barefoot. and will be taking the concept of #barefootstrong to the Autonomic Nervous System, Brain Optimization and Fascial Fitness. Get ready to explore how our nervous system perceives safety, balances it's nervous system, opens the neocortex for learning and enables the expression of emotion.


Brainstem, limbic system, reticular activating system, motor cortex - just a few of the brain regions you will learn at the Barefoot Strong Summit. Learn how each aspect of the brain has evolved for enhanced survival and cognitive function, and how these concepts are linked to sensory stimulation.  

Are you ready to learn how to stimulate each aspect of the brain, offset the impacts of stress and optimize motor control through the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive input systems?  


As an expression of our autonomic nervous system and internal interoceptive awareness, the power of breath in movement, rehab and education is invaluable. Learn how to assess for heart rate variability, vagal tone and ANS balance.   

Experience hands-on sessions based around movement, breath and emotional expression which can easily be intergrated into all clients programming and lifestyle.  


As the only contact point between the body and the ground, the touch of the plantar foot unlocks this relationship between the breath and brain. As one of the most sensitive areas of the homunculus, the plantar foot can be tapped into through texture, vibration, skin stretch and Earthing - all of which will be explores at the Barefoot Strong Summit.  


Are you #barefootstrong? 



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