7:15am - 8:00am

Registration & Breakfast

8:00aM - 8:30AM

Keynote Presentation What will be YOUR Legacy with Chris Flores

In this presentation, Chris will talk about how to live an authentic life, blaze your own trail and create your legacy. We are often misguided by the bombardment of the internet telling us how to define success, joy, love and happiness. During this talk, Chris will share his story and how he has found peace in this fast pace and ever changing world. 

8:30AM - 9:45am

Biohack your Brain with Dr Emily Splichal

From cognitive development in children to neuroplasticity and the prevention of Alzheimer's, the awareness of brain function is at the forefront of medicine, education and even fitness! 

Join Dr Emily Splichal as she explores the Triune Brain Theory and how to use daily "brain biohacks" to achieve peak cognitive, emotional and motor function. 

10:00AM - 11:00AM

bodyART Workshop powered by Naboso Technology with Ryan Beck

This holistic class experience will focus on the integration of functional physical therapy, myofascial release, traditional Chinese medicine, and dynamic breath work. Using intelligent, thoughtful sequencing, the bodyART method will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and balanced. 

11:15PM - 12:30PM

Foot Fluid Dynamics: The Lymphatic Hack with Dr Perry Nickelston

Human movement is beholden to fluid dynamics. The lymphatic system is 90% water and controls your inner environment. Learn about the most important and neglected system in your body for recovery, regeneration and performance. Learn simple hacks to make fast changes in foot function.

Strap in your brain. There’s lymph there too! 

12:30PM - 1:30PM


1:30PM - 2:45PM

Evolution of Locomotion Panel with James Earls, Dr Federico Luzi & Dr Emily Splichal

Join three human movement experts as the share their unique approach to the evoultion of human movement, fascial integration and brain development. 

Each will explore the link between brain development and upright movement and share how you can use this evolutionary science to enhance your understanding of movement efficiency and the human movement systems.

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Awaken the Fascial Network with Tension powered by StickMobility with Dennis Dunphy

Tap into the brain via homunculus stimulation and fascial tension with the combined activation from Stick Mobility and Naboso Technology. 

Exerience activation sequences which can be easily integrated into client and patient programming.

4:15PM - 5:30PM

Pelvic Flow & Freedom with Jenny Burrell

In the world of 'Pelvic Health and Wellbeing', there's a LOT of information out there about Kegels, building Pelvic Floor Strength, improving dysfunction and altogether a lot of focus on the grizzly side of both the internal and external soft tissues and bony structures of the pelvis.  

Join Jenny as she shifts our attention toward creating 'Pelvic Flow and Freedom".   Making your pelvis both inside and out, simply feel and move well.

7:30PM - 9:30PM



Sunday | 9.23.18

7:30AM - 8:00AM

Registration & Breakfast

8:00AM - 8:30AM

Keynote Presentation Got Grit? with Dr Arianne Missimer

You were created to be a champion.   So what's holding you back?   It is time to step into your future! 

Join Dr Arianne Missimer as she shows you how to ignite your inner grit and press the gas peddle hard.    It's time to lead your life with tenacity, resilience and an authentic purpose

8:30AM - 9:45AM

Fascia & Davis' Law with Dr Robert Schleip (via teleconference)

Most of the sports related overuse injuries occur in collagenous connective tissues (tendons, aponeuroses, fascial envelopes, ligaments, etc.). While Wolff’s Law describes the threshold and adaptation dynamics of bony tissues, the corollary Davis‘ Law predicts how fibrous connective tissues adapt to mechanical loading.

Join Dr Schleip as he explores the detailed understanding of Davis' Law and how it can help client and patient programming.    Learn when to reduce mechanical loading on these structure or when it's appropriate to increase collagen remodeling in fibrous connective tissues in order increase their resiliency and to optimally adapt their morphology to specific movement demands. 

10:00AM - 12:00PM

Brain Games Panel with Jenny Burrell, Dr Federico Luzi, Dr Emily Splichal & Karl Sterling

Looking to optimize your cognitive, emotional and motor function?   Join this panel of top educators as each explores what brain games they love and the science behind them. 

Explore and experience brain games which can be used in any learning or movement environment to awaken the brain!   Application in children, post-concussion, Parkinson's, MS, post-stroke + more!

12:00PM - 1:00PM


1:00PM - 2:15PM

Born to Walk | Building Efficiency with James Earls

The most functional movement we do everyday is walking.   Join Author of Born to Walk, James Earls as he explores the role of fascial tissue in the evolution of movement efficiency.

Explore concepts of fascial stiffening during gait and how this can be optimized in your patients and clients.


2:30PM - 3:45PM

Fascia: The Missing Link in Mind Body Interventions by David Lesondack

What if the key to mind/body medicine was under our fingertips all along? As a tissue, your fascia surrounds and interpenetrates every muscle, bone, organ, and nerve ber. As a system it provides a whole-body tensional framework of structure and support – one with over 100 million sensory nerve endings.

Join Author & Fascial Expert David Lesondack as he explores the role of fascia and  interoception on overall well-being. 

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Anti- Aging Science of Earthing with Dr Emily Splichal

Modern lifestyle has increasingly separated humans from the primordial flow of Earth's natural energy and healing powers.  It is time to reconnect to our origin and share this simple, natural, and yet profoundly effective healing technique with our clients and patients.

Join Dr Emily as she explores the science of Earthing and how this natural technqiue can be used against chronic stress, ANS dysfunction, inflammation, pain, poor sleep, disturbed HRV, hypercoagulable blood, and many common health disorders, including cardiovascular disease